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Deployment & Application Lifecycle Management for App-V 5

App-V Scheduler

Advanced cache management

Advanced cache management options for both persistent and non-persistent scenarios.
Tight integration with Citrix PVS & MCS image management solutions and advanced cache management options for VMware View & RDS environments

Centrally managed

Portable and easy to use remote management console for real-time App-V 5 management in your RDS\VDI\Citrix\View environment

Reduce complexity

No need for App-V back-end infrastructure components and complex powershell scripts. Instant package delivery, no timing issues. Keep control over your App-V 5 deployment, provides complete application lifecycle management capabilities. Easy to install and use


App-V Scheduler

Virtualizing your applications with App-V 5 has a lot of advantages, but the deployment in your environment can be quite challenging. The vision of App-V Scheduler is to reduce complexity and make the deployment and management of App-V 5 packages in your environment a breeze. App-V Scheduler is a purpose build deployment mechanism for RDS & VDI environments from Microsoft, Citrix and VMware.

App-V Scheduler provides :

  • Support for both persistent and non-persistent environments
  • Advanced cache management (Cleanup, auto balance cache with source and selectively pre-cache packages)
  • Improve application launch times with virtual registry pre-staging and application pre-launch features
  • Packages and connection groups available at machine startup and ongoing through deploy cycle, instantly without timing issues
  • Complete application life cycle management; from instantly deploying packages to draining and retire applications
  • Update packages while they are in use without rebooting the machine and while users are logged on
  • Real-Time (portable) remote management console (inventory, manage and central configuration)
  • No App-V full infra components needed (dramatically simplify your deployment)