How to Buy

App-V Scheduler Enterprise edition

Thank you very much for your interest in App-V Scheduler Enterprise.
Please use below form to request a trial license or quotation. Existing customers can use below form to request a new license certificate.
Below this form you will find the pricing information.



Pricing information
Pricing of App-V Scheduler Enterprise is very simple, there is a per machine license and a site license which allows an unlimited number of machines.

The license is independent of the OS and the amount of users.

Below you will find the pricing chart:

Per machine License
Per machine
Site License
Unlimited machines

To order licenses or any other questions you may have regarding App-V Scheduler, please send an email to or fill in the form on the website and we will come back to you as soon as possible.

License certificate delivery
The license certificate containing the license key is delivered electronically, this key will unlock all functionality in App-V Scheduler. The same key can also be used to access the App-V Scheduler Central View console (the Central management console of App-V Scheduler). The license key is registered on company name and cannot be exchanged or resold.

Reseller program
If you are a reseller or system integrator, contact for more information about the reseller program.

Subscription Advantage (SA) program
Included in the above price is 1 year support and software updates, after a year the SA can be renewed for 20% of the initial price.
Example: For the site license this is €970 per year (20% of €4850).

Please note that SA is optional and will not affect the currently running App-V Scheduler version and functionality.

What’s included in the SA subscription:

– Support through e-mail with the deployment of App-V Scheduler
– Support through e-mail with configuring App-V Scheduler and the App-V 5 client
– Support through e-mail with the deployment\management of packages
– Software updates

What’s not included in the subscription:

– Support with sequencing of applications and application functionality itself

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.