App-V Scheduler Editions

Community Edition
➢ Deploy packages and connection groups at machine start-up
➢ Support for both virtual and fat client environments
➢ Easy mechanism to publish, test and troubleshoot packages when needed
➢ Compare deployed packages and connection groups and deploy new ones
➢ Manage packages in the App-V Scheduler Agent GUI (on the local machine)
Enterprise Edition
➢ App-V Scheduler Central View (Real-Time Central Management Console)
➢ Create Machine Groups for better management and control over your deployment
➢ Advanced cache management options for both persistent and non-persistent environments
➢ Support for both virtual and fat client environments
➢ Managed publishing mode (fine grained control for user and global publishing)
➢ Pending Tasks processing (update global published packages that are in use on the fly)
➢ Advanced package options (Control the complete life cycle of a package in real-time)
➢ Create and edit connection groups on the fly and instantly deploy them
➢ Virtual Process overview and management (centrally see which packages are in use and by who) ➢ Application Pre-Launch and Virtual Registry Pre-stage feature to improve application start times, especially in non-persistent environments
➢ Advanced package draining mechanism
➢ Remove packages and connection groups that are no longer on the content share (keep the cache in balance with the content share)
➢ Support for deployment configuration files
➢ Support and software assurance